My Passion

Motocross Bikes        My passion is dirt bikes I pretty sure you heard of them, but have you rode on one before? How much do you know about them, because that is why I am here to tell you about them. When you’re going to go buy a dirt bike, you’re going to want to know how they work  before you go of and buy some cheap junk one. They come in all sizes is a 50 and they go all the way to a 250. When you  go that big, there huge 110s. Is were you start to switch gears next size up you get Into clutches.

When you get Into dirt bikes you find your self repairing parts then you are buy ones you want.because you can put 500$ Into repairs within a snap.Plus you can servery injuries that can lead to death. but they make protection to prevent that from happening being gloves, chest protection, pants, shirts, Bootes and goggles. This what I am Passionate about hope you enjoyed

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