My Favorite Holiday Christmas

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I am sure you know what Christmas is its the day were you get presents. But its not just all about the toys and presents there is a lot more to Christmas than you thought. You might not know this but this day was first celebrated on December 25th in 336, during the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine. Also Pope Julius I officially declared that the birth of Jesus would be celebrated on the 25th December. (were info is from) wiki

You might wonder why do we put up Christmas trees it first started because of Germany. Germany  credited this with starting the Christmas tree tradition. In the 16th century when devout Christians brought decorated trees into their homes. Some built Christmas pyramids of wood and decorated them with evergreens and candles.Christmas trees

Now these are just some fun facts about Christmas. The image of Santa Claus flying his sleigh began in 1819 and was created by Washington Irving, the same author wh0 came up with the Headless Horseman.The Montgomery Ward department store created Rudolph the Reindeer as a marketing gimmick to encourage children to buy their Christmas coloring books


Events Around The World

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What my family does for Thanksgiving, What I do normally is I go to my grandmas house on my moms side then I go to my other grandmas house on my dads side of the family.

What we do over at my grandmas house on my moms side, is are entire family comes over to my grandmas house. Every one pitches in just a little by bring food. While the kids are weighting they play games my grandma and grandpa are very strict about running around the house. I normally hang out with my cousin  Mason we always play basketball while he is there. by this time the food is all done and ready to eat.

After being there we decide that I go over to my other grandmas house. I dot eat while I here yet me and my cousin just run around while we are here. We also do a picture while we are there. Then we stay for a couple more hours I normally go of and go shot some basketball to pass time while everyone is eating after all this I go back to my mom or dads house to spend the last of day.

Events Across The World

Things to do on Thanksgiving

My School Schedule For Sixth Grade

How I start my day off. First I wake up and go take a shower. Then I go get dressed to get ready for school. Before school I still have to eat. Then I get in the car and my brother drives me to school and this is how it starts.

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I start school by going to the gym and hanging out with my friends until we are dismissed  to go to class. I then go to my homeroom were I have to do Rosetta Stone. After that boring twenty minutes we go to first period, were we do PBL. This is a very fun class.We get to do a lot of cool projects. Then to one of the cooler classes Science. We get to do cool experiments and the other day we got to watch an experiment were he exploded a tube. Now off to Social Study’s. This is the class were we watch so many videos on so much stuff. Videos every other day, but I do not  mind it. Then to math, ugh! I do not like Math that much so as you can guess we do math type things in this class.  Like how to find the square root of 11234562879. Not even going try to do that problem. Next Language Arts. This class class I ace test! The test are pretty fun and the teacher is pretty nice. Until my friends and I talk. We don’t talk about that, other than it is pretty fun. After all this we go to lunch. I do what most kids do, talk and eat, but the cool part is that we get to play on our phone. After lunch we go to Advisory. This class is so useful because you get to do all your homework that you received that day. I do math while I am in Advisory. Now I go to my reading class. The good part is that I have a couple of my friends in this class and we get to read the whole time. This doesn’t always happen though because some kids goof off in that is not shocking. Then of to band. This class is fun unless you don’t know how to read or play music. I didn’t know how to play or read music, but once I was in the class I learned so much about music and how to play. Now I am switching to a different instrument, it is called a Tenner Saxophone. I am playing an Alto Saxophone and hope I do well with it. After all this, school is out and I go home and do the same thing tomorrow.

facts about science

Fun facts about school

The mysteries of the deep

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Down in the deep blue sea is more than the eye can see. There is parts down there that no one has seen out being crushed by the pressure  of the water such as the deep point  in the ocean in the whole world. and this part of the ocean is known as the Challenger Deep. This is area is home to very different animals that live down there some we might not  even known about yet. he some that we do know that we do know of is the Frilled Shark, Giant Spider Crab, Atlantic Wolf-fish Pair, Fang-tooth Fish, Six-Gill Shark,Giant Tube Worms,Vampire Squid Pacific and Viper-fish.

with all that said here is probably my favorite creature that live down there is the Giant Spider Crab. This animal is very interesting here is a here is somethings that I find interesting about this animal. So this animal can live up to 100 years old. also another thing about this animal is that its back helps blend in with all the rocky terrain its back is bumpy and camouflages the crab.  these crabs also have Exoskeletons that help protect them from larger predators such as on gaint spider crads

These creatures are omnivores. These animals normally scavenge for the dead body’s of  different sea creatures. Some have been known to scrape the ocean floor for plants and algae while others pry open the shells of mollusks. these animals also can have legs up to 5.5 meters long legs which is about 18 feet long and there body can grow up to 40 cm long in inches that’s 16 inches. Also the whole crab can weigh up to 19 kilograms which is about 42 lb. There is another crab that is vary large this crab is called the Macrocheira kaempferi  it’s 3.7 meters long and has a a shell length of 137 



What We Are Doing

My partner and I are doing a 20% project what me and my partner have chosen is a bike a-thon we are very proud and passionate about our idea. You might  ask why are we doing this well all the money we raise is going to be put towards women shelter. You might not no what a women shelter well its a place were women and there kids go for help after they have lost almost everything. the amount of money we are looking to get is about 300-400 dollars to even get in they will have to pay about 10-12 dollars. With that said we are going to team up with maybe Sams or Kroger’s for the snakes  and drinks if not it will cost a little bit of money. Were this whole idea will take place is at Big Bone Lick and this will takes place in April most likely. We also need to get a mentor for this project the person who has help us is Amelia Hulth.

Me and me partner are very happy to be doing this project, and we are ready to take on any obstacles that are in are way. We feel comfortable taking on those obstacles because we are just happy that we are doing this.

Our major goal for the month of November are to answer all of the questions our mentor asked us so that we can get her 100% on board with us.

See my visual aide for more information.

About my avatar

The way my avatar describes me is that the basketball is there. To represent that I’ve play basketball since I was five years old. It’s my favorite sport to play and I still play. I have not taken a brake since I was five. I have skipped a session but have never skipped a whole year. The background is there show that I have always thought that going to New York. It would be a cool place to visit but I would not want to live there  because of the traffic. It would be cool to go on a tour to the Statue of Liberty and see what it would be like. Plus there’s lots of tall buildings I would want to go onto. And all the museums to do down there. Also, there’s also a memorial site down there that is for all the lives in twin tower fall. People say that it is really cool looking. That is how my avatar describes me.  picture from :face your manga 


My Passion

Motocross Bikes        My passion is dirt bikes I pretty sure you heard of them, but have you rode on one before? How much do you know about them, because that is why I am here to tell you about them. When you’re going to go buy a dirt bike, you’re going to want to know how they work  before you go of and buy some cheap junk one. They come in all sizes is a 50 and they go all the way to a 250. When you  go that big, there huge 110s. Is were you start to switch gears next size up you get Into clutches.

When you get Into dirt bikes you find your self repairing parts then you are buy ones you want.because you can put 500$ Into repairs within a snap.Plus you can servery injuries that can lead to death. but they make protection to prevent that from happening being gloves, chest protection, pants, shirts, Bootes and goggles. This what I am Passionate about hope you enjoyed

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