My School Schedule For Sixth Grade

How I start my day off. First I wake up and go take a shower. Then I go get dressed to get ready for school. Before school I still have to eat. Then I get in the car and my brother drives me to school and this is how it starts.

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I start school by going to the gym and hanging out with my friends until we are dismissed  to go to class. I then go to my homeroom were I have to do Rosetta Stone. After that boring twenty minutes we go to first period, were we do PBL. This is a very fun class.We get to do a lot of cool projects. Then to one of the cooler classes Science. We get to do cool experiments and the other day we got to watch an experiment were he exploded a tube. Now off to Social Study’s. This is the class were we watch so many videos on so much stuff. Videos every other day, but I do not  mind it. Then to math, ugh! I do not like Math that much so as you can guess we do math type things in this class.  Like how to find the square root of 11234562879. Not even going try to do that problem. Next Language Arts. This class class I ace test! The test are pretty fun and the teacher is pretty nice. Until my friends and I talk. We don’t talk about that, other than it is pretty fun. After all this we go to lunch. I do what most kids do, talk and eat, but the cool part is that we get to play on our phone. After lunch we go to Advisory. This class is so useful because you get to do all your homework that you received that day. I do math while I am in Advisory. Now I go to my reading class. The good part is that I have a couple of my friends in this class and we get to read the whole time. This doesn’t always happen though because some kids goof off in that is not shocking. Then of to band. This class is fun unless you don’t know how to read or play music. I didn’t know how to play or read music, but once I was in the class I learned so much about music and how to play. Now I am switching to a different instrument, it is called a Tenner Saxophone. I am playing an Alto Saxophone and hope I do well with it. After all this, school is out and I go home and do the same thing tomorrow.

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