What We Are Doing

My partner and I are doing a 20% project what me and my partner have chosen is a bike a-thon we are very proud and passionate about our idea. You might  ask why are we doing this well all the money we raise is going to be put towards women shelter. You might not no what a women shelter well its a place were women and there kids go for help after they have lost almost everything. the amount of money we are looking to get is about 300-400 dollars to even get in they will have to pay about 10-12 dollars. With that said we are going to team up with maybe Sams or Kroger’s for the snakes  and drinks if not it will cost a little bit of money. Were this whole idea will take place is at Big Bone Lick and this will takes place in April most likely. We also need to get a mentor for this project the person who has help us is Amelia Hulth.

Me and me partner are very happy to be doing this project, and we are ready to take on any obstacles that are in are way. We feel comfortable taking on those obstacles because we are just happy that we are doing this.

Our major goal for the month of November are to answer all of the questions our mentor asked us so that we can get her 100% on board with us.

See my visual aide for more information.

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