The mysteries of the deep

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Down in the deep blue sea is more than the eye can see. There is parts down there that no one has seen out being crushed by the pressure  of the water such as the deep point  in the ocean in the whole world. and this part of the ocean is known as the Challenger Deep. This is area is home to very different animals that live down there some we might not  even known about yet. he some that we do know that we do know of is the Frilled Shark, Giant Spider Crab, Atlantic Wolf-fish Pair, Fang-tooth Fish, Six-Gill Shark,Giant Tube Worms,Vampire Squid Pacific and Viper-fish.

with all that said here is probably my favorite creature that live down there is the Giant Spider Crab. This animal is very interesting here is a here is somethings that I find interesting about this animal. So this animal can live up to 100 years old. also another thing about this animal is that its back helps blend in with all the rocky terrain its back is bumpy and camouflages the crab.  these crabs also have Exoskeletons that help protect them from larger predators such as on gaint spider crads

These creatures are omnivores. These animals normally scavenge for the dead body’s of  different sea creatures. Some have been known to scrape the ocean floor for plants and algae while others pry open the shells of mollusks. these animals also can have legs up to 5.5 meters long legs which is about 18 feet long and there body can grow up to 40 cm long in inches that’s 16 inches. Also the whole crab can weigh up to 19 kilograms which is about 42 lb. There is another crab that is vary large this crab is called the Macrocheira kaempferi  it’s 3.7 meters long and has a a shell length of 137 



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