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The way my avatar describes me is that the basketball is there. To represent that I’ve play basketball since I was five years old. It’s my favorite sport to play and I still play. I have not taken a brake since I was five. I have skipped a session but have never skipped a whole year. The background is there show that I have always thought that going to New York. It would be a cool place to visit but I would not want to live there  because of the traffic. It would be cool to go on a tour to the Statue of Liberty and see what it would be like. Plus there’s lots of tall buildings I would want to go onto. And all the museums to do down there. Also, there’s also a memorial site down there that is for all the lives in twin tower fall. People say that it is really cool looking. That is how my avatar describes me.  picture from :face your manga 


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  1. Hi Carson my name is Brian. I also love basketball, I have played since 4 years old. I also think that going to New York would be fun (Typo: the background you are showing is Rio De Janeiro, Brazil). I also hate traffic, especially when going to school. I think New York is a cool place because of, the Statue of Liberty, Memorial Site, and many other things.

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