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Hi my name Is Carson here Is a little about me. Basketball Is my favorite sport. I’ve played when I was four, but my first time playing on a team was when six. I played this guy named Charley and now I play for someone name Kieth. I also played some baseball and football. I’m so glad that I choose to play basketball or I wouldn’t have a lot of my friends. Yet that’s not all I  also ride dirt bike I started when I was just getting into sixth grade. I have A size 110 pretty big and fast I had never been into them until my eight year old cousin. It was the one time we were over at there house he let me try his dirt and it was small because that’s a fifty and I’m 4,10 feet tall so that was so small. But I had a blast they also have a four wheeler he would ride the around they had this huge farm and we would ride for two hours we had so fun expect for when I am behind him then I had dirt just hitting me In the face. Motocross Bikes Miroslav Petrasko via Compfight

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